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Welcome to, the leading website for information about the online sportsbooks and constantly in pursuit to find the best sportsbooks on the internet. Unlike many of the review websites one can find online these days, our sole focus is to list the best online sportsbooks and nothing else. We don't deal with any other form of gambling, one can say we specialize in sportsbook information.

Placing your bets at the right online sportsbook is one of the most important decisions the online bettor has to make. With thousands of rogue sports betting websites, selecting a good online sportsbook could be daunting, that's why one should always choose a sportsbook from one of those listed on our website.

It's imperative that you select a sportsbook from the list above, if you decided to bet online, as well as to visit the sportsbook by following the link to the official website. Many of you may not know this, but there are quite a few websites that mask their links as going to good sportsbooks, but the code inside would send you to a fake website aiming to steal your information. We always link to the official websites of the best sportsbooks.


#1 Bookmaker

$2,500 Free Bonus

The most recommended online sportsbook by our reviewers, Bookmaker is also one of the busiest betting sites in the US, thanks to the focus of this sportsbook on making life easy for the USA bettors.

While many would say that Bookmaker is better for the experienced gamblers, due to the fact that the minimum deposit is $100 and one can start getting the bonuses when depositing $300 and up, the ease of those deposits make this sports betting website the best online sportsbook. In addition, find odds on every sport, bet live on those sporting events and much more. Top choice sportsbook!


#2 Bovada

$3,750 in Bonuses

The leader among the online gambling websites, Bovada (also known as Bodog in Europe) is the best sportsbook online. Established over 16 years ago, this sportsbook offers the complete betting package - all sports you can imagine, horse racing and even entertainment betting odds, just to have some fun in between sport seasons.

Customer service and relations is the best feature of this sportsbook. All bettors could take advantage of the representatives standing by 24/7 to help you with bets or any problems you may have. Deposits and withdrawals are among the fastest in the industry. Truly a top sportsbook.


#3 GTBets

$500 free

While the GTBets itself is relatively new sportsbook for US players, the company itself has been in operation for many years, previously under the VIP name. Many older bettors would remember this great sportsbook and the quality of service they used to get before it shut down due to the legal turmoil in the USA.

Then GTBets was established, focusing on the US sports betting market and have delivered the same high quality online sportsbook as its predecessor. New customers are entitled to a welcome bonus of up to $500, depending on deposit, there are plenty of methods for funding your betting account and the sportsbook offers fast payouts and great odds. If you are looking for a good out, GTBets is highly recommended.


#4 Intertops

100% match bonus

In operation since 1996, Intertops is indeed the oldest among the best sportsbooks we have reviewed on our site. And as many of you may know, longevity is the perfect sign of quality, when it comes to online betting.

At first look Intertops lacks the glamour and design of most sportsbooks, but this is a no frill betting website. If you want to get good odds, plenty of depositing methods and an online sportsbook with clean history among the bettors, Intertops is once such place. One would have a really hard time trying to find anyone with something bad to say about this sportsbook and this speaks volumes by itself. A really quality establishment.


#5 BetDSI

$2,500 bonus

Another high-quality establishment, BetDSI has been in operation for well over a decade and one can count on one hand how many online sportsbooks have been in business for this long. Great bonus offers, low lines and limits (as well as high limits, if you need them), good customer service are all features of this sportsbook. But the most important part remain the easy of deposits and withdrawals of fund with this book. The BetDSI sportsbook is one of the few honest ones remaining, as you can tell from the small list of best sportsbooks we have, and your winnings will be paid, you won't get cheated here. Highly recommended sportsbook for the internet bettor.


#6 5Dimes


The 5Dimes sportsbook is best known for offering low juice betting odds. While recreational bettors usually don't concern themselves with such things as juice and vig, an experienced gambler would instantly recognize the advantages of betting on odds with low juice - more money in your pocket from your winning wagers.

Sadly, the 5Dimes sportsbook has shut down its doors for US customers. We are leaving this review as a homage for what was once a great online sportsbook for USA players. Note that the links to 5Dimes now redirect to an alternative sportsbook.

This odds maker also offers some of the best football and soccer betting odds, yet another advantage over most sportsbooks. The bookie is top notch, has been in the business for over a decade and constantly gets great reviews from the comparison websites, betting forums and blogs. Timely payments ensure customers are always happy with this member of our best sportsbooks list.


Sportsbook Information

It's unfortunate, but over the years online sportsbooks come and go. Finding a stable place to wager could be a daunting task for many, therefore we have provided information for a limited number of sportsbooks. These are not only the best sportsbooks you can find on the internet world-wide, but also places with a long history and a great relation with their customers. See which sportsbooks offer the best Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal options, as well as Bitcoin bonuses. With the current legal climate improving, it is still advisable to find safe sportsbooks to bet on sports online, rather than jumping at the first betting site you can find.

Our aim is to offer as much information about the best sportsbooks as we can. Using our navigation menu, one can read more about each individual online sportsbook, find out what free bets the offer and even compare the bonuses and promotions offered by those betting websites. We also have a ton of articles and original content. From betting guides and sportsbook reviews to explanation of the most likely sports betting jargon you will hear. Learn more about sports betting here.

Quality sportsbook list

We provide a high quality sportsbook list, recommending only safe online sportsbooks. Unlike many other websites, the betting sites listed here do not pay for their position, which is evident by the rather short list of recommended sportsbooks. Our comprehensive research and years of experience betting online have led us to select only the very best betting websites and present them in a quick and distraction-free fashion. Research involving payment methods, payout speed, financial stability, customer satisfaction, and many other factors, all come together to present the best the internet has to offer in terms of sports betting.

Betting guides and news

Not only will you be able to choose a safe sportsbook with little effort on your side, but you can take advantage of the many betting guides we have published. Written by experienced pro bettors, these guides would help you improve your betting strategies, help people new to sports betting learn the basics, and cover a lot of sportsbook features you may have not been aware even existed. And if you find that our selection is not enough, we highly recommend checking the online sportsbooks listed at this website. Wealth of information is available there for anyone to use absolutely free. Whether you are a skilled bettor or you are just starting with your first bets, everyone would find valuable information in our betting tips section. And in our news section, people interested in keeping their finger on the pulse of the sportsbook (or just looking for something interesting to read), will be entertain, while staying informed on the latest developments in the online betting business.


Online Sportsbooks

The popularity of the online sportsbooks has exploded in the past few years, thanks to the easy access to sports odds, a great selection of good online sportsbooks and amazing customer service. If you are interested in online betting, make sure you gamble only at the best sportsbooks.


Free Bets

Yet another reason why the internet sportsbooks are so popular. Every good online sportsbook will offer their new customers free money to place bets, something you won't find at the Vegas sportsbooks or any other bookmaking operation, such as your local casino sportsbook. Make sure you take advantage of the free betting money, see the links above to visit our list of best sportsbooks bonuses.


Sportsbook Ranking Factors

These are the main factors we consider when ranking the best sportsbooks. All conditions must be met before the sports betting website is even considered for inclusion on our list. As you can see from the number of online sportsbooks we have posted, those are some stringent ranking factors.

  • Age - in the internet betting industry longevity is one of the most important indicators of quality. Bettors have quite close-knit community and any sportsbook gone rogue is quickly ousted to protect all bettors.
  • Banking methods - a sportsbook where people have hard time depositing and withdrawing funds is useless.
  • Free Bonuses - not the most important factors, but a main feature of the best sportsbooks. A good bonus is always preferred.
  • Odds - the betting odds must be among the best and the juice should be sufficiently low.
  • Sports - needless to say, a top sportsbook should not only represent all the major sports: football, baseball, tennis, basketball, etc., but offer in-depth betting markets on all of the games.
  • Customer service - some people don't realize the importance of good customer service, that is until they need it and find it hard to get any response. All of the best sportsbooks here have impeccable customer service representatives who actually know what they are talking about.


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